Time is money as many say and in real estate it is no different. AJAX Photography makes real estate photography less of a headache for you and your clients. 

Serving from West Palm beach to South Miami!


Always on time appointments

A specific, scheduled appointment time for photo shoots makes certain your time and sellers is not wasted.

Same day turn around

With Same Day turnaround, your property will be on the market in no time allowing you to start marketing quicker than ever. 

Always HDR. Always Beautiful. 

Full resolution, high-quality photos represent the home's first impression, capturing and showcasing its full potential

Won't break the bank

Real estate photographers usually charge an arm and a leg for their services making it more difficult to have the stunning photos every home deserves. 

AJAX offers affordable aerial solutions to meet the growing demand for luxury-style photography. Aerial imagery will present a property in an entirely different perspective! Aerial photography is captured by unmanned aerial vehicles in 20mp images.

 We are fully insured with qualified pilots adhering to strict safety and operational rules.


By using aerial photography your potential buyers will be able to see the home and surrounding properties from a whole new perspective. 

Elevated Photos captures an amazing picture of your property and its surroundings. 


When you need professional drone aerial cinematography, it seems everyone has a drone these days so why hire us?

  • We’re FAA approved and fully insured!
  • We’re FAA Part 107 Licensed. Our pilots all hold actual aircraft licenses with a minimum of 20 years flying RC equipment, some also hold their ATP licenses. You’re getting true professionals, not someone who passed a written test and is a “drone operator”.
  • Safety being out #1 goal we preform routine maintenance on our aircrafts!